Friction Services Filton

Friction Services Filton
All over the planet, technology is being used to do all sorts of incredible things. From producing the simplest, day to day goods to pushing the boundaries of science, engines, machinery and technology are being used to do everything in the world around us. Whether it is used to lift and carry goods on a dockyard or is used to do the most intricate surgery in a hospital, one of the most important things about any piece of machinery is that it is able to move, and that the movement is smooth, reliable and repeatable.
Friction Services
Filton based engineers know that any movement, in any machine, creates friction. Friction is the force that acts between two surfaces that are sliding, or trying to slide, across each other and any moving parts have some friction acting on them. Friction is not necessarily a bad thing, but it needs to be managed properly. In some moving joints, friction needs to be reduced as much as possible, and lubricants like oil, silicon ball bearings and grease are designed to reduce friction between two parts. Friction can also be used to achieve certain outcomes and in all sorts of applications. The most common uses for friction are in brakes, clutches and lifting gears, where the friction can be used to slow, stop and control moving parts. Friction is a unique area of engineering, and that is why companies like Friction Services Ltd specialise in managing, repairing and fitting friction parts.
Friction Services, Filton
Here at Friction Services Ltd, we know that friction can also be really helpful, and we provide the professional, high quality friction services Filton businesses need. When it comes to friction services, Filton based companies can rely on Friction Services Ltd to be the best local specialists to help with all sorts of engine parts, clutch fittings, brake pads and lifting gears in the area and across the UK. Friction Services Ltd, the best provider of friction services Filton needs, have worked with firms and individuals across a massive range of industries including maritime and shipping firms, dockyards, production firms, construction companies and all sorts of other businesses.
With a workshop based just outside of Bristol, our team here at Friction Services Ltd are able to provide all of the friction services Filton needs, and we can either do work and repairs at our well-equipped, professional engineering centre or we can come out to you to provide repairs and support on site. We here at Friction Services Ltd are proud to have been the provider of choice for all of the friction services Filton businesses need for the best part of half of a century, and we plan to be the provider of choice for friction services for the next half a century too!
If you want the very best friction services Filton has to offer, we encourage you to get in touch with out specialists directly by phone or email or visit our website for more information on the wide range of friction services we offer.