Friction Services Bristol

A leading supplier of friction materials for all types of brakes and clutches, Friction Services Bristol caters for clients across a wide range of industries and fields. From classic cars and industrial applications to commercial trucks and agricultural machinery, our expert team is on hand to help.

Welcome to Friction Services Bristol
Established in 1980, Friction Services Bristol has built a reputation based on providing a professional, reliable service for clients in the South West and beyond. Over the decades, we have worked with a diverse range of customers, using our expert knowledge, combined with an ambitious approach to taking on challenges, to deliver outstanding outcomes. We work across industries, dealing with individual clients and businesses located all over the UK.

We have an incredibly knowledgeable team, and we’re confident we’ll be able to help, no matter the problem or the application. Our team has extensive experience in the manufacture of friction materials, and we are proficient in troubleshooting and identifying solutions. If you encounter issues when using friction materials, or you have problems with your brakes or your clutch, we’re here to help.

At Friction Services Bristol, we pride ourselves on being able to turn our hands to any job that involves friction materials, and we have worked with a broad spectrum of customers over the course of the last 35 years. We provide solutions and parts for vehicles across a wide range of sectors, with case studies belonging to a host of applications under our belts. We have a comprehensive catalogue library of clutches and brakes suited to an array of vehicles. Applications include:
Vintage and classic cars: we offer parts, as well as a reconditioning and relining services for classic automobiles and treasured vintage cars.
Industrial and marine: we provide high-quality components for machinery and equipment including hoist cranes, winches and excavators, in addition to relining services.
Mobile cranes: we have a host of parts available for mobile cranes, including disc pads, drums, and shoe expanders, and we also offer relining, riveting, and bonding services.
Agricultural and plant: we provide parts for a range of agricultural and plant vehicles, including brake shoes and clutch plates and brake discs and disc brake pads.
Commercial trucks, trailers and buses: if you have a commercial vehicle, we stock an array of parts, from brake shoes and disc brake pads to filters, air brake parts and disc body parts.

Why choose Friction Services Bristol?
We have over 35 years of experience in the friction industry, and we have an expert team on hand to tend to any problem related to brakes and clutches. Whether you have a problem with a vintage car or a truck, we’ll do everything we can to identify a solution as quickly as possible. We have a fully-functional workshop on-site, and we cover an array of applications. We enjoy problem-solving, and we use our expertise and knowledge, combined with creative thinking, to resolve difficulties. Our company is ISO 9001 approved.

If you’re looking for expert advice, call Friction Services today on 0117 986 6453.